Bats Day at Disneyland

Have you ever thought of if the saddest people on the earth and the happiest people on the earth got together? Well it happened this weekend at Disneyland as Bats Day 2010 commenced with hundreds of goths entering the parks of Mickey and his friends. Unlike what would happen in the movies, nothing happened of course. Plenty of pictures were taken, and lots of fun were had by the goths and visitors. I’m sure some people from the midwest were taken aback by the groups of wandering undead but for the most part i think it at least made their trip that much more interesting.

Back in my days in high school the goths were just people that dressed in black, and typically lightened up their skin to be more pale. They really seemed to be very quiet and not really wanting to stand out so it came to a great surprise to see hundreds of Goths roaming the grounds of Disneyland this weekend for what i found out was “Bats Day.”

It was really interesting to see how elaborate their outfits were, compared to the black jeans and t-shirts from yesteryears. Many guys and girls wore boots with 6-10 inch platforms, lots of fishnets, and plenty of corsets. At least many were smart enough to walk around in the sun with an umbrella (considering their skin tone) which typically matched their outfits.

Here are some pictures from the twitter world that i found.

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