Adele Makes #1 For A Dozen Weeks

August 12, 2011

Last I checked, Adele was sure on her way to holding the top spot for 12 weeks on the American Billboard 200! And She did it!!! It’s really refreshing to see a true artist — not just a performer — earn the recognition and acclaim they deserve!
Adele now ties with Santana’s Supernatural for racking a dozen #1s

The first single released from Adele’s anticipated 21 starts just the way it should, with the young British singer-songwriter showcasing her best asset: that soulful voice over light, rhythmic guitar strumming. Before the power of her pipes is allowed to sink in, a steady bass drum interrupts, keeping the song from settling into a folksy ballad and setting up a steady foundation for the Motown vibe that pervades the rest of “Rolling in the Deep.”

I love the effortless quality with which Adele sings with. She has a voice I could listen to everyday. She possesses a smoky voice that’s good at expressing longing, ruefulness, irritation and regret. It’s a deep voice with a graininess that can also be used to delineate jealousy and revenge, as she does in “Rumor has it”.

Check Out “Rolling in the Deep” and “Rumor has it” below: