Samuel Bazan

August 4, 2011

Samuel Bazan is a singer/songwriter from North Hollywood. As a self-described alternative rock musician, he seems to have a good perspective on what a music career entails. Determined and driven, his passion for his songs and songwriting in general is clear.

Bazan is clearly a conscientious worker. He wrote and co-produced his album “Slow Down” with drummer Jeff Wilson. The album is radio-friendly and will undoubtedly attract some attention in the pop-alternative world. With staples of 90′s alternative music present in its songs, the feel of the album leans more toward radio fare. The title track “Slow Down” is reminiscent of late-90s era hits. The remaining tracks manage to combine catchy melodies with familiar songwriting structure. Occasionally, songs such as “With You” recall a brighter, cheerier, less-produced Goo-Goo Dolls. While Bazan doesn’t break any new ground musically, his songs rekindle familiar soundscapes which makes for easy listening. Lyrically, he does the same, sticking to conventional love songs and well-known laments about a significant other.

As with many self-produced musical projects, a finished product takes a long time to complete, but here, Bazan has clearly taken the time and effort to create a full package.

Here is a video of “Only You” from his album “Slow Down”:

More information on Samuel Bazan (as well as tracks to stream) can be found at: Samuel Bazan

Written by Roxy Rad