Sustainable Treehouse Community

April 1, 2011

Finca Bellavista | A Sustainable Treehouse Community

Finca Bellavista is a residential treehouse community in its formative years. It is a rustic, yet comfortable, private retreat off the beaten path where owners and limited numbers of guests can explore the natural wonders of the rainforest canopy and enjoy what locals like to call ‘treetop Pura Vida’. You definitely won’t find flashy billboards or roadside signs that lead you to Finca Bellavista… Finca Bellavista is not a full-service spa, a fancy hotel, or a canopy tour. It is located in an amazing and relatively untouched portion of Costa Rica that is removed from many of the influences of the outside world. Its neighbors and friends are indigenous families and hard-working farmers. The nearest town (1.5 miles away) contains a school, a church, a pulperia, a bus stop, a handful of houses, and of course, a soccer field. That’s it. No souvenir shops, no mini-malls, and no rowdy bars. More images, videos, and information after the jump!

Those that make their way to Finca Bellavista find that it is a very special place where natural wonders abound. This environment fosters fun, fellowship, and creativity in a way like no other community on Earth can.

Finca Bellavista’s “base camp” is complete and has a sprawling community complex complete with a large kitchen and dining hall, an open-air lounge and WIFI zone, a rancho, and a bath house.

Finca Bellavista, while a one-of-a-kind concept, is also in a one-of-a-kind place. The finca as a whole, comprised of 300+ acres of secondary rainforest and reclaimed pasture, provides a nearly custom-built backdrop to house the world’s first planned, modern, sustainable treehouse community.

Perched overlooking the Golfo Dulce and nurtured by two whitewater rivers, the location of this unique enclave is unmatched in its magnificence and pulses with life.

While it feels a world away, Finca Bellavista boasts easy access to some of the country’s most stunning natural assets, like National Parks, isolated beaches and epic mountainscapes. Those with a spirit of adventure will feel right at home amongst the outdoor activities available on-site and nearby.

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