Year End Reflections

December 10, 2010

Every year around this time, I’m reflecting on the past year. The good, the bad and the ugly.

This year, the most wonderful event for 2010 for my wife and I is the birth of our daughter, Naomie. The little drop of sunshine was born August 27th, and is relatively easy going compared to our first-born son, Noah (Thank God!).

Naomie and Noah

For Eat.Sleep.Work., this was a rollercoaster of a year with a move from our super-swanky loft-like office space in Santa Monica to the low-ceiling corporate office building in El Segundo. We’re getting approximately double the square footage and 3 closed-door offices for the same monthly lease cost compared to our little Santa Monica office. Fortunately, we were given the freedom to design, paint and pretty much do anything we like to do in our new office space all-the-while getting a janitorial service and the building maintenance team at our fingertips.

Welcome to WORK!

Our Black and Pink Entrance says What We Do!

Jonathan's Office

Also, this year, we completed the designs for the X Games 16 Summer Media Guide and walked away with the LACP Silver Metal!

We also launch this new website that we’re very proud of. At the end of last year, we realized that not a single person cared about our company website, and got around the neighborhood of 1200 visitors per year. PER YEAR! Since we build websites for a living, we may as well use our own company as a case study and see what it’s like from the client’s perspective. A few months of planning and building, we developed an online magazine or a blog-azine for the Art and Design communities. In terms of traffic results, our best month we received 15,000 unique visitors to our website and our worst month so far is around 4000 visitors. Our Alexa ranking jumped from a measly 48,000,000 to a current 215,000.

Business-wise, I’m proud to announce the most successful year to date since the inception of Eat.Sleep.Work. Many beers, shots, arguments and anxiety-filled sleepless nights later, we’re a stronger and smarter company than when we were virgins in this business 6 years ago. A huge THANKS! to all the clients, Schwarzkopf, Pino Spa, REthink Development, FormLA, and Scion that have supported us this past year.

We’re finishing off this year with a bang with an office trip to Vegas Baby! Hope we make it out alive because we have some serious damage to do in 2011!