It’s that time of year again where we make ridiculous dinner reservations, buy that bouquet of roses that will wilt before the day is over, and gift expensive jewelry that’s rarely worn. Let’s shake it up a bit!

This Valentine’s day treat the ones you love to something different, something special. Surprise your crush, your loved one or your sexy single self with a gift that’s unique. We’ve swiped right on a few ideas below that we’re really crushin’ on.


Try The World Box

Silvana : “Each box includes a curated selection of gourmet foods—including ingredients to cook with, drinks, and snacks—from around the world. I like this gift because it combines travel and food, 2 of my Valentine’s passions. And it also gives you the chance of cooking and spending time together. You can do it as a one time gift or sign up for a monthly subscription if you really love it.”




Siri Foot Spa

Matt : “I think a Foot & Full body Massage is the bombdiggity V-Day gift. Go alone…or as a couple. Only $35 Bucks for an hour of pleasure…you can’t even get that in VEGAS! So, sit back, relax, and get rubbed! Whatever you lovebirds decide to do next…well, that’s up to you.”




WEN 3.5 Amp 10 in. 2-Speed Band Saw with Stand and Worklight

Chrissie : “He’s been dropping hints about that darned band saw for years. Says it’s the “last thing” he needs for his man cave/workshop. But the real reason why you’re gonna cave and dish this bad boy out on Valentines is cause you’ve got your own list of household projects this band saw will surely help get done. It’s a win-win. Isn’t that what love is all about?”




Chocolate Covered Strawberry Croissant Donuts (Cronuts) Filled with Nutella

Michelle : “Who says Valentine’s Day mean you should go broke? After all, you know what they say, “it’s the thought that counts”. This year, take a bit of time to show your crush how much they mean to you with some homemade chocolate covered strawberry cronuts!”

Photo & Recipe by Katie Grace Newman –




Toto Washlet S350E

Jonathan : “Regardless of the price tag (MSRP: $1,560.00), I choose this gift because on V-Day, the sexiest day of the year, you’ll want all your “dirty” parts cleaned before getting “dirty”. Nah means?”




Oreo Gift Box

Chimmy : “An OREO Gift Box that contains two OREO flavors, a one-of-a-kind OREO inspired gift, and recipe card, all in an artistically designed OREO gifting box. 
Who in this world doesn’t love OREOS and having a monthly delivery of cookies but an additional gift will win over anyone’s heart.”




Drift Away Coffee Subscription

Elisa : “Explore and travel the world through your own personalized cup of coffee. It’s pretty simple – try it, rate it and enjoy the rest of your subscription with tastes that only you enjoy! Also, use my code (click here) to get FREE tasting kit!”




The LoveSac

Raechelle : “The Lovesac is pretty pricey, but it’s undeniably soft, comfy and super inviting ? It’s the perfect present to your significant other (or even yourself) to get your Netflix and chill on!”




Tacos. Many, Many Tacos

Shannon : “Let’s Taco bout your crush. Your crush is Nacho average crush. Time Freezes when they’re around. So, show them some love with $100 worth of Taco Bell gift cards. This will really spice things up.”


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