If there’s one thing about the Chinese, they love to travel. And much of that yen for voyage is centered around tourist hot spots in the U.S. More particularly: Las Vegas. And who can blame them? With its high-rise themed hotels, up-all-night atmosphere, high tech casinos, and diverse accommodations, Las Vegas has quite the offering for both the pleasure seeker and business tourist. Here to capitalize off this exodus of mass proportions is Gear Entertainment International, a Las-Vegas casino consultant and management company.


Specializing in travel marketing services, GEI needed an identity that would appeal to a mostly Chinese audience but also convey luxury and class for the jetsetting world. ESW facilitated this balance with a thinly stroked iconic representation of a golden jet leaving a circular airstream behind it amid carefully positioned completed ‘circles in the sky.’ The brand speaks to the ease for which GEI hopes to bring to the traveller coming to Las Vegas from China.

GEI’s business model will be centered around its partnerships with major leaders in the hotel and leisure industry, offering exclusive travel deals through Independent Travel Agents (ITA) in China and the U.S. In order to begin attracting these independent agents, GEI needed a landing page to tell its story, as well as a simple yet robust online application form. An ITA needs only to sign up online and complete their profile via a guided, linear form. Once an ITA signs up, their information is saved and secured and is able to be edited as their resume grows.

ESW is excited about its relationship with GEI as it begins to take flight and will be there as a creative partner for future Gear-sponsored events.

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