Legator Guitars

Although a squad of all genres, ranging from minimal techno to mainstream and metal to Korean hip hop and pop country (yes, pop and country combined) the ESW team shares a love for music.

For Musicians. By Musicians.

A recurring theme during Friday happy-hour is our wish to make music videos. We have a lead singer, background dancers, and a handful of guitarists lined up and ready for production. Our vision is crystal clear: think classical, but fresh. Old school, but innovative. Think sentimental value, but never-before-seen.

Legator Homepage


Last year, when our team was tasked with the redesign of Legator Guitars’s website, we found our instrumental soulmates. Legator Guitars is a technology-based company driven by a desire to redefine what is considered “classics.” Established in 2012, the company was founded in Southern California with a mission to create the finest instruments for musicians, by musicians. The company values research and puts the musician in the center of their product design. Each guitar is molded by customer feedback and paired with the best technology this generation has to offer.

Legator on the iPhone
Legator Mobile Experience
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Heavy Metal.

The website redesign was a delicate dance. We wanted to hone in on the exceptional quality of Legator’s instruments while still keeping the spotlight focused on the makers of the music. In addition, we wanted to infuse the brand with a sense of innovation and technology. We decided to put emphasis on the life and work of the artists that have helped form the instruments into what they are today. We achieved this by merging a minimalist, Silicon Valley-like design with raw, sweat-dripping, metal-tasting, imagery.

Second on our priority list was to improve and streamline the shopping experience. Investing in a guitar is a milestone for many of us and it’s important that you find the right match. In addition to product descriptions and detailed specs, we made sure that a potential buyer is provided a testimonial by an influential musician. Tying the instrument to stories about its impact on influencers’ careers gives the customer a more vivid sense of the meaning and value of these guitars. Legator’s guitars are so much more than instruments, they’re companions. We cannot wait to use them in our first music video release.