Eat Sleep Work featured on Media Temple’s Top 10 Creative Agency Websites

Originally posted August 25, 2021 on Media Temple’s Design + Creative blog.

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It’s better to be clear than clever – but some creative web design agencies accomplish both with their own websites.

Whether you’re building a new website or looking to give your existing site a boost, getting a handle on what the most creative web design agencies are doing to attract and engage new clients should be included in your plan.

We’ve gathered what we think are 10 of the best creative agency websites and found the common denominators driving their success.

What Makes an Agency Website Successful?

Of course, the best agency sites will attract and engage visitors, but there are a host of other compelling elements that the best sites incorporate. As you examine each of the top 10 sites below, your analysis will be much more effective and valuable for your own site if you understand those elements. Let’s dig in.

The best sites do the following:

1 – Demonstrates personality & capability. You’ll notice that each site conveys the personality of the agency. Effective branding lets visitors know who you are and what kind of stories you tell best. And when visitors see how powerfully your site accomplishes this, they’ll have confidence that your agency is capable enough to do the same for them. Ask yourself a few questions. What personality are we trying to convey? How can we establish thought leadership when it comes to design trends?

2 – Provides examples. These agencies lead with examples. Examples are the first thing you see, because that’s what visitors want to see – what you do best. So, select work you’re proud of and, of course, choose work you want to do more of. Whether a visitor to your site is a prospective employee or a prospective client, you want them to see your agency as the place to be. Highlighting your best work can accomplish this. And if it can’t? Maybe it’s time to adjust your agency’s strategy.

3 – Delivers excellent UX. Smooth, sleek, and easy to navigate. That’s what the best in class are doing. And that’s what you want as well. No clutter. No complicated dropdowns. Just giving visitors what they came for – excellent web design balanced between minimalism and creativity.

Eat Sleep Work

Eat Sleep Work’s site is cool. The menu lays out what you need to know, and every click delivers essential information in a well-organized manner. The agency creatively leverages unique brand elements to convey everything from who they work with, to who they are.

Users know that Eat Sleep Work is on top of design trends like interface preferences since you can choose your own background music as you experience the site.