Meet the Women of esw

Kayla Ballesteros

I am an artist, illustrator, and designer from the Southside of Tucson. Currently, I sell my art in a few shops in Arizona and had my first solo show in November of last year. I create paintings, stickers, pins, and sculptures. Currently am working on a comic, videogame, and conceptual projects.

The most influential woman is my Memaw.

Elisa Valdez

There are no limits to your dreams mija. 

For many years I always dreamed of starting my own business – a business that had a voice, that represented my roots and most importantly, a business that was empowering to my community. I questioned what it would look like and if people would be invested and curious enough to follow me through this journey. I quickly discovered that these stories I told through my art were not just about me, but about the shared experiences we all had even though we were complete strangers. When doing local pop ups in the community, I noticed an instant smile and a memory happen when people approached my booth. This empowered me in so many ways and I realized that we all had much more in common than we actually knew. 

Thank you for supporting my dream, engaging in conversation and learning more about this platform that I am building and growing. Today, I am proud to be living in my power and grateful to be able share with you a huge piece of my heart. Every piece for sale is curated, inspired and created for the love of my culture and my passion to share my Latina roots. Shop and follow more of my journey on instagram at @chingonavida.

The most influential woman is my abuelita Gloria.

Lyuba Nova

A cutting edge Web Developer and Senior Web Designer at Eat. Sleep. Work., Inc. Lyuba not only graduated from Concordia University, but was a superstar on their collegiate Water Polo team. When not keeping up with the latest web trends and code implementation, she enjoys spending time with her two daughters, Murphy and Frankie, as well as working in the community garden.

The most influential woman is Rachel.