Blackbird House of Coworking

Branding and Logo Design for Blackbird House of Coworking

ESW was approached by long time client Bridgid Coulter with a new venture of a Coworking space targeted towards women of colors and allies that needed a ground up approach to branding. Starting with just a name of Blackbird inspired by the Beatles song of the same name we wanted to create something meaningful to the name and project.

Logo Research

With Blackbird being a generic term we had to research other companies already using the moniker and find where we could make a differentiation with the new brand.

Logo Design Concepts

Once we determined the styles on in the public space we started working on our own unique options from watercolors, line art, to an geometric aesthetic.

Final Logo

Through a progressions of iterations we combined all the styles into a single logo which represents the breathe of diversity in women.

Environmental Signage