Team Rubicon

Team Rubicon is a highly esteemed and renowned non-governmental organization (NGO) that excels in disaster response and relief efforts worldwide. Founded by Jake Wood and William McNulty, this remarkable organization has made significant strides in providing assistance and support during times of crisis. In its early years, Eat Sleep Work, a leading creative agency, played a pivotal role in nurturing and crafting Team Rubicon’s distinctive brand identity and designing their engaging website, ensuring that their mission and impact are effectively communicated to a global audience. With unwavering dedication and commitment, Team Rubicon continues to make a positive and lasting impact in communities affected by disasters. We wholeheartedly support their noble mission and believe in the transformative power of their work in times of great need.

Eat Sleep Work has been providing visual communication services for the veteran community for the last decade including veteran-owned businesses to non-profit organizations like Student Veterans of America, RP6, Purple Star Families, Vets Advocacy and many more.

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