Team Rubicon

A non-profit organization that unites the skills and experiences of military veterans with first responders to rapidly deploy emergency response teams to disaster areas worldwide.

Branding Strategy

EAT.SLEEP.WORK. has been providing visual communication services for the veteran community for the last decade including veteran-owned businesses to non-profit organizations like Team Rubicon, Student Veterans of America, RP6, Purple Star Families and many more.

Donation Platforms

Non-profit organizations depend on funding in order to keep operations up and running. We have the expertise with donation APIs and custom integration solutions. Team Rubicon’s donation page is a custom built front-end integrated with the platform.

Worldwide Presence

Team Rubicon’s Mission Map features all of the past missions current and archived in an interactive map experience. On the fly updates by the Team Rubicon team makes it easy to tell the world where they’ve lent a helping hand.

Always on the go.

The Team Rubicon website fits right in your hand with all same bells and whistles the desktop site offers delivered through a mobile responsive front-end build.

Colors & Typography

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