Featured Site of the Day: Excelerate Capital

Excelerate Capital - Site of the day

Eat Sleep Work is pleased to showcase the new Excelerate Capital website (and brand identity) with y’all. First, a little background on Excelerate Capital. They specialize in Non-QM mortgage products, which are loans that can be most suitable for business owners and investment property folks.

We were initially introduced to Excelerate back in 2016 when we were brought in to create the first iteration of their brand identity.

Excelerate Capital 2016 Logo Redesign

Fast-forward to mid-2021, we were offered to come back and take over their marketing efforts in entirety. Today, we are deeply involved and loving it! Our responsibilities include creating new marketing campaigns, measuring successes and results, maintaining the website, social media marketing, print materials, advertising management, ad-buying, and much more.

Excelerate Capital - Marketing

Though we launched the new website earlier this year, the website was just recently submitted to the folks at CSS Light and has been awarded the “Featured Site of the Day” recognition. Take a peek at the below and visit the website by clicking here.

Have an Excelerated day!