We are designers, UI/UX developers, storytellers, talkers and listeners. We specialize in helping businesses grow their brands to meet their imagination's expectations.

At ESW, we believe the work process begins when our company brain joins forces with our clients' brain - where both sides work equally and at their fullest capacity.

Strategy + Ideas

This is where it all starts: ideas—a business plan, a company’s identity, a project concept, ones goals for the future—are all just little pieces floating around in space. It’s the one that ‘sticks’ that prompts the phone call/meeting, thereby initiating momentum. The introduction to ESW is made.


We download the various bits and pieces of information from the client and immediately begin understanding the project from both a logical and creative point of view. We’ve now developed some traction and the idea is starting to become something real.


In order for an idea to take root, the logical and the creative have to work together. Client and ESW work in tandem, fleshing out the concept. From this collaboration, we yield the project proposal / cost estimate. This part of the process has to take place before the proposal is furnished and only after the proposal is agreed to, can we begin the fun part.


This is where the garbage gets taken out and the real work begins. ESW contributes knowledge and experience alongside technical know-how to produce quality web/print solutions for the clients’ real needs. ESW keeps the client engaged through this time as their input is a vital organ in this process. Research & Discovery > Creative Direction and Design > Production > Quality Assurance > Launch


This is the fruit of our loins: our portfolio / case studies. Copy geared towards explaining how the process works in each given scenario, showcasing the importance of working relationship between client and agency. Explanation of services provided.


Client needs to be involved after each and EVERY step - not the final build! At each step, we check back with our requirements and check in with the client. Partnerships get the best results.

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